Khakikakiku has delivered many products with gorgeous colors and charming patterns. 

  • We put our whole heart into what we do, resulting in customer loyalty.
  • We define our design with ’Chic-Timeless-Durable-Comfortable.
  • We create products distinguished by style and quality, without leaving the comfort behind every Khakikakiku product that is made.
  • Khakikakiku collections are designed by our in-house design team which ensures that each pair of shoes is fresh with a distinctive design signature which is then manufactured by using the latest technology in shoe making, applying the highest quality materials from local products and craftsmanship to create a perfect pair of shoes  especially for women and kids.

When you buy any product from Khakikakiku, it means you are already supporting the empowerment of local products amid the global economic crisis.

Began in September 2010, from a small store at Paris Van Java Shopping Mall in downtown Bandung by married couple, Esther and Rudi. Now, Khakikakiku has 4 store and 5 kiosks located inside malls in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bandung. 

Khakikakiku born from a need for high-quality shoes with beautiful design which is suitable for use every day and suitable for kids to adult women.

Since it’s founding, Khakikakiku has made use of light, durable, and comfortable materials in different varieties to uniquely create convenient and stylish footwear and purse. These products were also favored by youths and adults outside Bandung who encouraged Khakikakiku’s owner to open stores in other cities.